About Us

usEnergy is a charity for the local community. We are a non profit making organisation promoting renewable energy from local natural resources.

We are concerned about the destruction of our environment and the way this will affect the lives of our children and grand children.

Our aim is to provide renewable energy from our local environment to sustain us and future generations.

You can benefit:

  • From our community Bio-diesel pump, supplying locally sourced bio-diesel for Goodwick and Fishguard.
  • Encouraging and supporting individuals to generate their own energy supplies, saving your money and our planet.
  • You could be paid for the electricity you generate.
  • By helping local community groups to utilise renewable energy sources; generating local energy for local people.
  • Through our network of information, experience and expertise.
  • Through our proposed Bio-Fuel Station, selling locally sourced bio fuels and generating its own heat and power.
  • A local Eco Park and Energy Centre, providing a community meeting place and offering information and resources.
  • Fishguard and Goodwick are pioneering in the field of renewable energy.
  • Forging a future for our community by our community.
  • Mission Statement

    usEnergy is in existence:

  • For usEnergy to be globally recognised as a not for profit movement promoting all areas of well being for planet and people.
  • To provide a supportive body to enable members of the community to generate their own power while preserving energy.
  • To create a low carbon environment in our area.
  • To generate locally sourced renewable energy for the county.
  • To encourage informed choice about responsible living, through providing education, sourcing funding and giving support to everyone in the community.
  • To create skilled jobs within the renewable energy sector , training local people for local employment,which will benefit the whole community.
  • To actively work towards the protection of our environment.
  • To provide an educational centre of interest and information,open to all sectors of the community.
  • To emphasize contact and support of each sector of the community with an awareness of their needs and attention to social inclusion.
  • To work towards clean living on all levels within our community ,providing educational material and forum to make this possible.
  • To work towards a clean sustainable existence for our childrens future.
  • To promote social and environmental responsibility through education and informing people of their own individual everyday choices.
  • To work towards inspiring community interest in our local environment.
  • To strive for the social inclusion and advancement of the disadvantaged sectors of our community through workshops, training and activity.
  • To promote our community as a flagship for the low impact lifestyle, and sustainable movement.
  • To ensure the future for generations to come we commit to reducing local carbon emissions by offering alternative fuels and energy sources that are easily accessible to all.
  • To act totally in a low impact, environmentally friendly way.
  • To act totally in a socially responsible and inclusive way.

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